How do you defeat intractable networks in an ever evolving world?

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Change the game more quickly than they can respond



The Asymmetric Operations Group (AOG) is an American nonprofit group that provides wellness support, human performance enhancement and then purpose, for elite Special Operations and Special Law Enforcement Veterans by retooling their unique and highly developed skills for employment against global asymmetric challenges. The group calls on the asymmetric mindset and experience of the team, developed over many years, to build and connect global networks to manage complex problems and increase freedoms


We do this by



Providing support and purpose for veterans from special operations and special law enforcement to leverage their extraordinary expertise and wisdom to tackle the most pressing global asymmetric challenges by building and connecting networks to defeat networks.



Adopting an asymmetric and resourceful mindset.   



Working to increase freedoms with:

  • government resources

  • non-governmental and non-profit organizations

  • leading edge technology companies

  • like-minded individuals


The Fundamental Problem


Criminal activities, by their very nature, are opportunistic and rapidly evolving, leaving many government agencies structurally, technically and psychologically ill-equipped to deal with these asymmetric threats.


There will always be a lag time between adaptive criminal activities and society’s ability to counter these threats. For example:


    • It takes years to develop new laws to deal with specific threats.
    • Government agencies have budgets and long-term plans that are misaligned with their requirements to counter rapidly changing, complex threats.
    • The risk-reward-ratio for criminals and the outcomes of the justice system are not balanced.

    Our Solution


    AOG seeks to counter these threats by engaging with veterans and thought leaders, across the globe, to develop and deploy rapidly morphing asymmetric  networks to counter networks.

    AOG is developing centers for

      • Advisory and Training

      • Performance

      • Technology .

      • Strategy

      and is focusing on changing games and boundary conditions more quickly than others can respond. 





        Asymmetric Performance Center



        Asymmetric Advisory &Training Center



        Asymmetric Technology Center



        Asymmetric Strategy Center


        “Tyranny wins when our future is no longer founded on Freedom

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