Global Asymmetric Architects


The Asymmetric Advisory & Training Center (AATC) creates nodes and grows them into networks. It is staffed by an elite group of seasoned military and law enforcement veterans. The AATC provides tactical, investigative, and prosecutorial training and operational advisory assistance to law enforcement, military, and non-government organizations that are directly involved in the global fight against human trafficking, poaching and illegal trafficking of wildlife, and other counter-network operations. Such support will be comprehensive, enduring, and impactful.

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AATC Operators have unique and extensive operational experience in:

  • Special operations

  • Complex transnational criminal and terrorism investigations

  • Intelligence and evidence gathering techniques

  • Military and law enforcement tactical and operational leadership

  • Asymmetric and unconventional warfare

  • Judicial processes

  • Counter-insurgency and counter-network operations

  • Training program development, management, and instruction


We combat the sophisticated global networks conducting obscenely profitable and violent operations by building advanced networks of our own. We field the proper combination of law enforcement and special military methodologies applied within the greater legal and cultural context of the places in which we operate.


AATC operations represent scalable and adaptable structures that allow us to help our clients address the world's most complex and persistent problems.