Asymmetric History & Strategy Initiative

Looking at the World Differently by Applying a Multi-Dimensional Unconventional Approach

The current global chaos has created a compelling need to fully understand the tenants of historical unconventional warfare. Critical to this is the current lack of understanding of both the Cold War and post-Cold War application of interagency authorities and latch ups within irregular mission sets across the globe. To facilitate better understanding of our legacy, create a more accurate historical record, and develop a better grasp of possible future operational solutions, AOG believes we need a rapid, focused effort to capture the oral history of our Cold War and pre-911 special forces veterans before they are gone. 

AOG needs $720K for research, travel, writing, and editorial support. This effort will require extensive time and effort to execute as much will have to be captured through the interview process and then be transcribed to the written word. This must be done quickly as many from the early Cold War and Vietnam era are passing into history.