People at Their Peak Performance

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The Asymmetric Performance Center (APC) has adapted the Human Performance Optimization model developed by the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) to meet the unique needs of the Special Operations veteran community.



We begin work with veterans by assessing them across all the domains of human performance: physical, psychological, spiritual, and social. After establishing a comprehensive baseline, our team of professionals from across the full spectrum of health providers creates an individually tailored plan to bring the veteran up to the highest level of health, fitness, and performance.


Once we have established the veteran’s individual plan, we begin to apply all treatment and training modalities utilizing an agile management cycle of 2-week sprint cycles within 8-week milestones. The APC team will meet at the end of each sprint cycle and adjust the plan accordingly to move more efficiently toward the identified milestones for that 8-week period.



This journey begins with the veteran working in an inner focused posture, working with the APC to develop an honest understanding of the initial assessment and what needs to be done to recover the veteran to the highest level of human performance attainable. However, the pathway will eventually transition to an outward focus, challenging the veteran with the question of “what’s next?” in the context of continued service to their community. Ultimately, success is achieved by bringing the veteran back to a more purposeful life.