Finding and Fielding the Future

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The Asymmetric Technology Center (ATC) sees beyond the horizon to divine, distill, and deploy the technologies and techniques required in the asymmetric toolset of tomorrow.  



The ATC scans the future for:

  1. New threats or the emerging technologies that enable new threats

  2. Existing or developing technologies that allow the team to help manage existing or developing threats

  3. Mechanisms that operationalize cutting edge technology

We work with government agencies, public companies, think tanks, entrepreneurs, sovereign wealth funds, and other vested parties who are dedicated to increasing freedom. Through our network of stakeholders, we flag emerging threats or technologies for further investigation.


The ATC then:

  1. Assesses the viability of the technologies

  2. Integrates technologies in novel ways

  3. Models the potential solution and implementation

  4. Verifies manufacturing and distribution channels


Finally, the ATC:

  1. Shares, tests, and deploys/applies technologies within the team and with other organizations

  2. Supplies training and materials for rapid introduction and threat management verification