Building a Network of Networks

Counter Facilitation and Building Global Networks to Combat Evil

A critical part of AOG’s global success will be the establishment of non-traditional collaborative networks that can execute global counter network and counter facilitation efforts outside the realm of government. Our values are based on classic liberalism whether we are an American conservative or liberal. In the highly partisan political environment today, we forget that despite our differences our foundational principles and beliefs remain closer as Americans than most other societies on Earth.

We in AOG have begun to create a global network of networks that can be leveraged to gather information, create situational awareness, and mobilize populations for good. Uniquely, AOG with personnel from across industry, academia, government, law enforcement, military, and special operations can facilitate such interactions.

AOG needs $2.250 million per year for personnel and support costs. We are actively seeking donors, corporate sponsors, and government funding to further build this global network.