Combatting Human Trafficking & Child Sex Slavery 

The Latin American Nexus

This is a mirror program to our counter poaching efforts in Africa providing purpose and a tribe for veterans after we get them well and focused. AOG brings very specialized and experienced special operators and specialized law enforcement against this global scourge in ways few, if any, NGOs or governments can. We retool and refocus the best of the best from discreet, elite communities using their highly refined skills and backgrounds long after they leave active service.

Our immediate need is $400K for research, planning, and site assessments across South and Central America as well as the Caribbean. We see this approach as critical to success and the ultimate destruction of the network; not just local nodes.

Our long-term plan to besiege this attack on our women and children will mirror the structure we are creating in Northwest Africa for IFAW in the counter poaching realm.

We are actively seeking donors, corporate sponsors, and government funding, as well as using crowd sourcing, to support this initial effort.