Securing the Homeland 

Prevention, Preemption, and Response

In recent years we have seen an uptick in violence in public putting our society and more critically our children at risk. The need for a solution is especially critical in our schools, yet few, if any, real or effective solutions have been provided. We in AOG are intent on changing that! Current mainstream solutions do not appear to be effective, comprehensive, or geared to truly combat the asymmetric and random nature of this threat, nor do our political leaders seem committed to finding those practical solutions that can provide rapid counter-measures and prevention at minimal cost. In AOG we tapped the diverse backgrounds of our tribe in special operations, protective operations (USSS/State/Special Mission Units [SMUs]), and law enforcement at the federal, state, and local level to combine their experience with innovative technologists to develop an integrated and comprehensive solution to stem, if not stop, active shooter incidents. We do this with the development of a total solution spanning: prevention, preemption, and response.

AOG needs $600K in program support immediately. To do this we are seeking funds through an online crowd sourcing and fundraising effort as well as seeking corporate sponsors. These funds are needed immediately to force the current debate into new, alternative systems that are cost effective, rapidly implemented, and effective; not simply political rhetoric while our children continue to die!