Lethal Law Enforcement Encounters 

Optimizing Officer Performance While Protecting the Innocent

AOG seeks to convert the training and technology developed for military and counter terrorism close combat enhancement/lethality to optimize law enforcement officer performance. Enhanced officer performance leads to greater officer confidence thus saving lives and protecting the innocent. Of critical note, we have also discovered a training system that can expose and train for inherent bias. This would be a major turning point in officer/minority encounters where there is potential for force to be used.

We need immediate funding of up to $800K to fully develop curriculum, training, and testing regimens with the National Guard, United States Secret Service (USSS), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This will set the stage for rapid implementation when larger funding becomes available.

We are actively seeking donors, corporate sponsors, and government funding, as well as using crowd sourcing, to support this initial effort. This project is too critical to leave the funding to one source, and we must take action to train our officers and mitigate violence on your streets. The funds raised here will go directly to supporting your state and local police and protecting your home; thus, any donation, no matter how small, aids elite veterans while improving your hometown safety.