Operational Athletics

Creating Wellness and Sustained Performance for First Responders and Operators (Sheepdog Sustainment Project)

AOG is working with leaders in the military medicine, emergency medicine, and sports medicine arena to merge best practices into a field of practice centered on occupational athletics. Specifically, we want to use the lessons learned and construct of sports medicine to create a field of medicine, human performance, and wellness center for operators, federal law enforcement agents, and first responders.

To begin this effort we need $1.1 million to support an initial treatment program for first responders. While our special operators and military personnel are starting to develop such a treatment regime (we in AOG are heavily involved in that effort as a non-profit), we have found federal, state and local law enforcement organizations, the people we need most every day, are often neglected and in poor health. In AOG it is our goal to change this!

We are actively seeking donors, corporate sponsors, and government funding to support this effort.