Outer Network


We are building a global network of networks to combat evil. The Asymmetric Operations Group has an extensive outer network of law enforcement, special operations, and military personnel, both retired and active, whom we can access for aid and support. They are like minded individuals across the globe who realize relationships are key to combatting evil and attacking illicit criminal networks. Our network of military and security professionals is backed by a corporate and individual web of supporters who desire to make a difference in the world. This provides us access and support across the globe, even in potentially denied and unexpected places, in a more and more connected world. We protect this network and the individual operators for obvious security reasons. As this network for good grows, it will be even more important to ensure security and allow our infiltration of/influence in the most unexpected places. As individual citizens of the world, you can aid us first by your donations; and then if vetted, by your actions and participation in the network. Get involved and see where it leads.


Help Us Increase Global Freedom and Stability