Our Projects

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Recover / Regenerate


Asymmetric Health Project

A New Treatment Regimen for Veterans

Asymmetric Human Performance Analytic and Policy Cell

Thinking about Human Performance and Health Differently


Warrior Wellness and Performance

Optimizing Body Chemistry for Human Performance and Sustained Wellness

Operational Athletics

Creating Wellness and Sustained Performance for First Responders and Operators (Sheepdog Sustainment Project)


Close Combat Enhancement and Lethality

The Human Performance Dynamic

Lethal Law Enforcement Encounters

Optimizing Officer Performance While Protecting the Innocent


Repurpose / Redeploy


Counter Poaching in Africa

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) Operational and Tactical Support

Combatting Human Trafficking and Child Sex Slavery

The Latin American Nexus


Asymmetric History and Strategy Initiative

Looking at the World Differently by Applying a Multi-Dimensional Unconventional Approach

Securing the Homeland

Prevention, Preemption, and Response


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